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What Happens
in a Session

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want to work with, we can figure it out together when we meet.

Our first session together will be a wonderful chat where I put you at ease with my smile and sweet conversation. Where we go after that is up to you, and will depend on if you want to continue with pleasure and fun or work on something that is bothering you.

I will say this, You’re never going to understand what it is that we’ll do in a session until you actually experience it for yourself. This will be unique and unlike anything you’ve done before!

What Type of Experience
Do You Need?

Again, don’t worry if you don’t know, but here are a few ideas to give you context…

You might want to have some fun and be guided in self-pleasure. You might want to learn new techniques to please a woman or learn about squirting, the G-spot, the A-spot or cervical orgasms.

Perhaps you want to learn about your own body and how to have multiple orgasms, full body orgasms, prostate/anal pleasure, dry orgasms non-genital orgasms.

Maybe you have sexual issues such as low/high libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or an inability to cum.

You might have relationship problems, be going through a divorce or grieving the death of your spouse.

You might be recovering from an illness that’s affected your confidence or sexual ability or recovering from a sexual assault.

Or you might just fancy a really lovely chat about life!


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Lauren oozes with a warmth that invites you, engages you, and enthralls, just at that moment when you need it and you didn't even realise. The sound of her voice reassures, and the sensitivity she commands over what your body is needing is breathtaking. She is an enchantress.


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